2E Range Update: B2723B, N2723B and D2423B Monitors

2E Range Update: B2723B, N2723B and D2423B Monitors

The new 2E monitors, which successfully combine advanced technology, modern design and high performance, ensure efficient performance of various tasks and maximum comfort during use.

2E B2723B Home and Office Monitor: Great Image Quality at an Affordable Price

The 2E B2723B 27-inch VA monitor does more than just display images; it transforms them into visual masterpieces, so it’s perfect for use at home and for office work. With a resolution of 1,920×1,080, the B2723B delivers detailed and vivid images, while its 250 cd/m² brightness and 4,000:1 contrast ratio ensure deep, rich colors with impressive blacks. The 75Hz refresh rate ensures smooth video and gaming playback, blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world. The 6.5 ms response time is a guarantee of responsiveness, which is especially important during dynamic scenes in video games.

Another important feature of the B2723B monitor is its wide 178°/178° viewing angles: you can see every shade and detail from anywhere in the room without distortion. This makes the model perfect for watching movies, presentations, or teamwork on projects. And if you add to this two interfaces – D-Sub and HDMI, you are guaranteed wide opportunities to connect additional devices!

The 2E B2723B is a window into the world of high-quality display and versatility, opening up new horizons for work, entertainment, and creativity.

2E N2723B Monitor for Creative Professionals

Professionals who value the quality of every pixel will find the N2723B a real asset. The 27-inch IPS screen brings every image to life with brightness, contrast, and an incredible colors range. And the 1,920×1,080 resolution turns every detail into an exquisite mosaic, ensuring realism that immerses you in the depths of the virtual world. The 250 cd/m² brightness and 1,000:1 contrast ratio make colors more vivid and saturated, reproducing every shade with unparalleled accuracy and providing incredible detail in dark areas. A 75Hz refresh rate and 5 ms response time ensures smooth, blur-free and tear-free picture reproduction, even in dynamic scenes.

Another important feature of the N2723B is its adaptability: the 0-90° swivel function is a must-have for creative professionals working with text and graphics, while the height adjustment of up to 140 mm allows you to customize the monitor’s position for maximum comfort.

The N2723B is a creative tool that empowers you and helps you immerse yourself in a world where every shade and pixel delivers an incredible visual experience. The model is a good solution for creating an optimal space for work, gaming and creativity, opening up new horizons in the world of digital art.

2E D2423B Monitor Is for Everyone Who Wants to Enjoy a Great Image

The D2423B model is a particularly good combination of sophistication and power. This 23.8-inch IPS monitor is not just a window into a virtual universe, but also a technological masterpiece that showcases the richness of color. IPS technology delivers unsurpassed image quality and color accuracy: every pixel is vivid, clear and extremely realistic. With 250 cd/m² of brightness and 1,000:1 contrast ratio, the D2423B makes everything on the screen a visual extravaganza.

But it’s not just the picture quality that makes this monitor exceptional. With a refresh rate of 75Hz, every scene seems to come to life, smoothly transporting users through the fast-paced action of their favorite games and videos. A 5 ms response time ensures that even the fastest scenes are crisp and blur-free.

In addition, the D2423B monitor has D-Sub, HDMI and Earphone connectors, so there’s no doubt that it will become the reliable heart of your technology system. But the most pleasant surprise is the built-in multimedia speakers, which provide a superior audio experience.