New power stations 2E – Nowadays “Must have”

New power stations 2E – Nowadays “Must have”

In blackout conditions, this is a consequence of hostile attacks on the energy infrastructure, many users began to look for alternative solutions to provide power for household and other devices of daily use. The task of providing electricity is urgent not only for civilians. It is extremely acute for the militaries, who defend our Motherland and freedom every day. 2E portable power stations are available at ERC storage, they will come in handy to meet the needs of power supply for various devices. Four models of different capacities are available for order, so you should choose according to your needs, in particular, take into account the type of devices that need to be charged.

The 2E-OPS-300 has a 300 W power and an 80,000 mAh battery. Its capacity is enough to charge a smartphone 3,000-5,000 mAh (24-15 times, respectively), a tablet 8,000 mAh (9 times), a laptop 65 W (4 times), a portable speaker 7,500 mAh (10 times). Having the small capacity, the model will be useful at home, in the country house or during travels.

If you need to solve more complex tasks, you should consider the 2E-OPS-1200 and 2E-BS006 models with a battery capacity of 300,000 mAh and 624,000 mAh, respectively. Such powerful devices are especially needing for militaries, for example, the 2E-OPS-1200 allows you to charge a walkie-talkie (5 W) as much as 180 times and ensure the operation of StarLink (100 W) for 10.5 hours! The 2E-BS006 model: the battery capacity can withstand 375 walkie-talkie charging cycles (5 W), 30 quadcopter cycles (60 W) and 18 hours of StarLink operation (100 W). Of course, the more powerful the power station is, the more weight it has, but this does not matter in view of the challenges it helps to cope with.

For household use, it is worth to consider the 2E-OPS-600 model with a power of 600 W, which has a reserve capacity of 160,000 mAh. Like other models, it can be used to charge phones, laptops, cameras, power Wi-Fi modems, LED lamps, radios, electric blankets and other household devices, such as multicookers, refrigerators or TVs, only the operating time will differ depending on the battery capacity of the power station.

The only important feature for all 2E stations is the ability to charge the battery from the sun. According to the model, you need to select solar panels, taking into account the power and the type of connection (different Anderson or DC).

A compact portable power station will be a great solution in the absence of electricity. The device is essentially a large battery in a protective box with built-in AC outlets and other ports. Such a thing is a “must have”, because it will allow you to restore the charge of necessary devices, sometimes vital, under any conditions.