2E Extension cord reels for use in difficult conditions

2E Extension cord reels for use in difficult conditions

2E extension cord reels allow you to connect devices in remote places, far from stationary outlets. They are designed for use in an electric network of 220 V and for devices with a maximum total load power of 3.2 kW.

Almost all 2E extension cords have four sockets, which greatly expands the possibilities of their use. No need to choose which devices to connect, because there are enough sockets for everything. Extension cords reels consist of cables with three and two cores. The reel bodies are made of different materials – from galvanized stainless steel and durable, impact-resistant plastic. The reels are equipped with ergonomic handles which provide easy transportation.

Only one model, 2E-U01R20M for 20 m, differs from other devices in the series. It has one outlet and a wire section of 1.0 mm². It is the master device for domestic needs that do not require a large load. An external outlet at the end of the wire eliminates the need to transfer the coil, and the extension cord is completed with a PVC wire.

All 2E extension cords reels are available in our catalog, get more details about them via the link.

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